I'm Pavel! I travel alone or lead small groups to unusual, remote places around the world through my own Travel Agency "Thousand Voyages" Ltd.

I have been travelling extensively since 2010 and have visited more than 30 countries and regions so far. My recent travels, solo or with small groups, have taken me to Bangladesh, Pakistan, India (Ladakh/Rajasthan), China (with Sichuan), Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand (with the northern parts of the country), Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia (with the Gobi Desert), Turkey (with the southeastern parts), Jordan, Morocco, Egypt (with Siwa and the Western Desert), Ghana, Togo, Benin, Russia (with Siberia/Yakutia), Greece (with Mount Athos), Kosovo, Romania, Monte Negro, Svalbard, Ukraine (with Chernobyl), Iceland, Bulgaria and of course Europe.

Several years ago, I registered a travel agency and began organizing and leading tours to not so popular destinations around the world. All itineraries and programs are designed by myself. The personal experience in the places, the shared knowledge with other travellers, local guides and the numerous books and articles I read regularly help me greatly in my work. My groups are small, and we travel slowly. We stay long enough to naturally slip into the pace of the local culture. In my opinion, this is the right way to connect with the people and fully experience the places. Plus, slow travel is much gentler on the environment and also closer to our hearts.

My documentary work focuses on social, environmental and cultural issues and themes that provide a strong sense of place and cultural awareness. Please learn more via the links below:

My Photo Archive: http://pavelgospodinov.com;

Photography Services: https://thousandvoyages.net/pavelgospodinovphotography/

I have seven years of experience developing, implementing and managing digital communications strategies and projects, primarily for NGOs. In addition, I have a strong IT background with three years as a web/graphic designer and web usability/information architecture expert in the private sector.

At the moment, I am managing three travel-related web projects: My travel agency/blog website in Bulgarian; My travel agency/blog website in English, and a website called "Guide To Bulgaria" in English dedicated to travel in Bulgaria (my home country).

I am a certified project manager in the International Development and NGO sector with more than 12 years of experience working for UNDP (Program Officer /Analyst and Project Technical Advisor) and various NGOs. My expertise mainly involves project analysis, development, monitoring, evaluation and complete life cycle project management, including human resource and financial management. Because of this background, I enjoy working with NGOs (a CV is available upon request).

I am a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the Medical University in Varna, Bulgaria. Although I am not actively practising the medical profession, this education helps me greatly in my travels. 

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